Davor Peic

Davor is coming from small coast town called Porec in Croatia. After finishing high school for Electronic Engineering and leaving Faculty of Graphic Arts, he moves to beautiful Mexico.

He made his first website in late 1999, being a member of Information lab in high school. Since then he keeps growing his passion for information, technology and design. Besides croatian, he also speaks english and spanish fluently.

Davor works as a web design professional on local and worldwide projects. Due to his long experience with several agencies, Davor is familiar with collaboration in small groups as well as big teams. He is in the process of obtaining a bachelor's degree in Digital Communication.


  • Web and UI design
  • Valid HTML5/CSS3 markup
  • SEO markup optimization
  • ExpressionEngine/Craft development
  • Mobile application development
  • I can Photoshop your wedding photos too :)

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In my free time I’m writing a blog and taking photos. Check them too!


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